Welcome! This blog is about my thinking on strategy, people management, and marketing. The concept of 1M is about presenting an idea in 1 minute, appealing to at least 1 mind. If you are time strapped, yet would like to read through 1 minute strategy and marketing wits, try my blog and enrich me with your comments also.

Enjoy reading, enjoy thinking, enjoy sharing! Thanks.

Dr. Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman
Associate Professor, School of Business & Economics
United International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Summary of background: PhD in Marketing, Universiti Utara Malaysia; MS in Economics from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA; MBA (Marketing) from IBA, University of Dhaka; worked for consumer product and B2B companies, currently working as a Faculty member in a university. Also conducted a number of training programs, consulting assignments, and public speaking on current branding issues. I can be reached at mahmud_edu @bus.uiu.ac.bd

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8 Responses to About


    CONGRATS for creating such kind of inspirational thing ……it’s always a pleasant for us……it refers us to think differently, …thanks and congratulation again ..

  2. Md.Saeeduzzaman says:

    Thank you sir for sharing your idea with us.

  3. Abu Naim Tausif says:

    Getting New things, ideas with a new form and so many complicated concept in a simplest way………..thanks for all……….

  4. maruf reza byron says:

    thank you sir for giving me the opportunity.
    your 1M concept will be very helpful for the readers, i think.

    thanks again…

  5. Sir , i think this will help us to learn practically and to stay with new important topics . i really happy to see you here…Thanks.

  6. Noorus Sabah Khan says:

    Thank you so much sir……this is really a great opportunity for people like us…..who always admire your thought………….Thank you again to share your views…….

    Thanks & Regards,
    Noorus Sabah Khan

  7. Emran Rahman says:

    There are innumerable ways of rejoicing passion & it is a verbatim truth that passion helps us walk on. However, there are very few humans who have been able to spot out their passions & live them. Such works of yours make me think you are one of those blessed visionaries who know what they are meant for.

    Congratulations Sir!!

  8. Anik Khandakar says:

    Teachers are the people who dedicate their entire lives in for just one cause – helping others build their own.

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