Uber and NASA: Blue Ocean Strategy with a Click

Here is another market-disruptive initiative from Uber as it partnered with NASA, with a plan to launch “flying taxi” called UberAir. That’s right! Combining software expertise of Uber and Hardware expertise of NASA, it looks like a perfect marriage to enter into the untouched market of this unique service. Uber would be planning for low altitude flying vehicles capable of making vertical take-off and landing. It would provide this unique “air taxi” services on demand, as if you are calling for an Uber-ride by clicking on your app, with the difference that you just want it over air. They are also planning to make it competitively priced for its customers. The trial is expected to start by 2020 in the USA, and the company hoped that it would be fully operational in selected cities by 2028.

terrafugiaBeing a pioneer in ride-sharing services, Uber is continuously differentiating itself with unique and innovative ideas. It is no wonder that the company has envisioned a blue ocean that it can successfully enter and grow, enabling itself with necessary resources and capabilities. The branding efforts are huge and something to learn from. However, the availability of technology and commercialization of the same would eventually challenge Uber as flying cars like Terrafugia and Airbus Pop.Up  would be commercially available for other competing fleets. It looks like the early entrants with right mix of branding efforts would take the market lead. Let us wait for the new frontier to open and see who wins the race.

(photo credit: http://www.terrafugia.com)


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One Response to Uber and NASA: Blue Ocean Strategy with a Click

  1. Elinam says:

    Such a great strategy.

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