Is Tesla leading the creative disruption in car industry?

Electric car has not been a new concept of this century at all, though Tesla revolutionized the idea with the inception of its highway-legal practical electric cars that can drive over 250 kilometers per charge. Toyota Prius has been experimenting with this segment though, but no sign was evident that they wanted to make it the mainstream highway vehicle. With its aggressive strategy led by Elon Musk, supported by the enabling environment of stricter government regulations about emission and concern for sustainability of fossil-fuel vehicles, Tesla has been able to wake up the rest of the car-makers and let them jump into this bandwagon.

Consequently, Toyota is now asserting that they will phase out all gasoline vehicle models by 2050. Paris will get rid of all gasoline vehicles by 2030. Germany has already passed a non-binding resolution that all gasoline engines be banned by 2030. It all means that the days of petrol and diesel engines are already marked. In this backdrop, Tesla can be considered as a leading disruptor who inspired others to follow the suit. And definitely, every car manufacturer will eventually adopt and enhance this technology for better. Just like market-resilience is a pre-requisite of survival in a competitive world, so is the technology-resilience. It is time to see who adopts and hones this technology for better and grab a better market share.



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