Mobile Phone Batteries Need to Show Some Innovation

Considering the kind of innovation and advancement that we have seen in mobile phone technologies during the last decade, the same pace may not be seen for mobile phone batteries. Although some considerable developments could be observed, the innovation might not be practically visible at the consumer end. The fact is, there are innovations and improvements in mobile phone batteries, but the gadgets have become increasingly powerful and power-hungry, projecting a perception that mobile phone batteries are destined to drain out in a day or less. Until more powerful batteries can be manufactured, many producers invested in research on reducing the power consumption while attempting to keep the functionalities at par or above the competitors. For example, these R&D efforts resulted in less power consuming yet more vivid Amoled display, production of more power-efficient chips, optimization of software design, and so on.

However, recent research clearly indicates that the battery design is about to see a breakthrough soon. Transiting from Li-ion to Li-polymer, and now graduating to Li-air and Nano-tech batteries, future batteries may revolutionize the way we charge and use the capacity of those batteries. The future depends on how tech companies would invest in and adopt these novel technologies and change consumers’ experience of mobile phones to a “wow” level .



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