Will Electric Cars be the Mainstream Vehicle in Future?

With ELon Musk at the helm of Tesla, it seems like it will make a headway in the mainstream car market in future. Being the performance leader in its category, Tesla has been highly consistent in what it has been doing- making Tesla a promising electric car that all other brands are zealous of! Yea, look at the pioneer Toyota and Nissan who started making electric cars (Hybrid though) with their special models. The development did not go far while Toyota was following a niche strategy with its electric car. High price and efficiency of batteries were also a few limiting factors for adoption of electric cars. Most likely, “economy” brand Toyota was following a wait-and-see strategy in this segment. On the other hand, Tesla invested in battery innovation, the heart of electric car. Their more affordable model is just about to roll-out that might actually help spreading their business in developing countries.

In the tech-world, “wait-and-see” would result in new brands picking up the trend and leave you behind the race. It appears that Tesla is now taking the lead in that direction, while Toyota is now aggressively coming back with their electric car models. Future would most likely favor the innovative and aggressive brands. What do you think?


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1 Response to Will Electric Cars be the Mainstream Vehicle in Future?

  1. Janusz says:

    Ciekawy masz ten blog. Lubię tu wracać ponieważ każdy twój wpis czytam z uwagą. Twoje wpisy czyta się lekko co sprawia że człowiek się nie męczy siedząc tutaj. Tak 3maj.

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