Should we take funny facebook quizzes?

Who thinks that you are cute; find out who is your best friend in facebook; find out your real personality; which of the famous actress do you look like? Who is your secret admirer? – facebookers want to know the answers to these funny questions, even for the purpose of just having fun no matter whether the answers are scientifically true or not. In a world of stress and monotony, facebook gives us a window to breathe out these bold questions, not that we really believe that the answers would be correct.

But wait, most of these quizzes are run by third party apps that require a number of permissions like access to your friends’ lists, their posts, your profile information, permission to send you emails, and many other permissions in fine prints that we often ignore and click “yes” to get the right answer without any delay. Of course, they have privacy policy written in fine prints. However, in a virtual world, how do you ensure that nobody is playing around with these policies to make an extra buck? These apps are wonderful tools for their developers to collect profile information and make a “network” database of grouping people based on their background and usage behavior. Most apps will leave cookies and permission intact even after you stop using them, just to keep tracking your online usage behavior.

The question is, isn’t facebook already doing this? The answer is yes, but these apps are run by third parties and there is reasonable doubt whether they would be as careful as facebook in not annoying their clients by selling these profile information to unscrupulous fourth parties, or even to the fifth or sixth parties, where you see more and more spam status and emails after several days of using these apps.

So what would you do if you already have used such apps? You may still continue using these apps at your own risk, just like we are using internet knowing all the risks of viruses and what not! Panic should not take over our joys. Alternatively, you may go to your app setting, and deny/stop the permission that is already given. You may also “report” apps to facebook if you think the app is violating its privacy policies. Wish you a happy facebooking!


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One Response to Should we take funny facebook quizzes?

  1. farshid says:

    To solve this need awareness. Even many people don’t know where to report.cookies are used for personalization but it can hamper privacy.

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