Supersize Cellphones: What is the Future?

(You might be interested to read the Part I first).

Have you noticed why we don’t complain much about all these bulky gadgets? Because the functional leap is huge. That big thing in our hand is a powerful communication hub, our news source, our weather channel, our navigation equipment, our banking services, a video camera to catch up our memorable moments, or we can just take a casual snap of an interesting event and instantly share with friends, what not? The whole world can be connected with so many apps and interesting features. So why complain about the size when you have overwhelming functionality?

In future, more surprises are probably waiting for us. The upcoming Nano-technology would most likely find a way in future cellphones. Internet would most likely be free. The only thing we might need to carry is the screen (of course, in a user-friendly format:), because everything else will be compact and light-weight. Probably the screen size won’t be small, but it might become extremely light-weight, compact and with a supercharged long-lasting battery. How about functionality? Only time will reveal. But it is most likely that the next generation of consumers would laugh at the configuration and functionality of our current smart-phones just as we did to our earlier generations of cellphones!


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