Supersize Cellphones: the Past & the Present

Cellphones were big when they were commercially introduced in the ‘90s. If you could get hold of an earlier model of Motorola, you would laugh out at its size, weight and configuration. But that thing amazed us in the 90’s because it was simply an awesome idea at that time—it ran on a battery, you could carry it with you without wires and you could talk while moving! It was a paradigm shift at that point, so the size and weight did not matter, the functionality did. However, any stranger could easily tell that you are carrying a phone because your pocket looked unusually bloated!

Then there came a wave of tech advances. Phones started shrinking in size, increasing in its functionality and configuration. There came a time when companies were competing on how smaller these gadgets could get with its increasing functionality. Remember how Nokia 1100 became a flagship with its battery capacity, compactness, light-weight built and an amazing torchlight?

Then came the wave of Qwerty phones and this was where the size started growing, reversing the trend of micro-sizing the earlier phones. With the advent of smartphones in the early 2000’s, the size started growing again, of course, along with increasing functionality. Today, many of us have bigger phones, almost bigger (but flatter) than the early ones that consumers saw in the ‘90s. Ironically, today’s phones are not only bigger, they are battery eaters too! In order to support these power-hungry gadgets, we have now devised “power banks” which are as big as these phones are. Voila! Now we carry two big gadgets with us all the time. Today, just like early days, anybody can tell that you are carrying a cellphone because your pocket is unusually bloated, or your lady’s purse is full of it! Oh, where is the advancement then? (Here is Part II)


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One Response to Supersize Cellphones: the Past & the Present

  1. Asif says:

    hahah indeed its like we’re back to the past! of course the functionality has improved vastly but the size has now turned into the issue. but surprisingly most people do not mind. the bigger size means the bigger real estate to enjoy your content, and possibly a bigger battery to last longer. only time will tell what the new trend is

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