Why Apple is Interested in Making Cars?

Apple devices have been known for its user-friendliness and prestige. The company boasts a loyal base of customers who would continue cherishing the brand for lifetime. When it comes to designing mobile devices, Apple has its own uniqueness and superiority in its class. However, the recent media reports indicated that Apple is interested in stepping beyond the world of mobile devices. It is interested in electric cars, most probably a driver-less car like Google’s car (click here). Dubbed by media as “i-Car”, this raises many questions in the tech world as to why Apple is interested in this venture.

Well, it should not be surprising if you knew that Steve Jobs was interested in designing a car in later part of his life. This was intimated recently to the media by one of his colleagues that Jobs was really excited to see the design of Tesla (click here). He was actually upset with gasoline powered cars and thought that car designs were lagging behind in terms of technological advancement. Cars do not need to be polluters to the environment. At the same time, cars should be online and “connected”, thus being a part of your fun experience. Apple has been hiring thousands of people from other car companies, negotiating with BMW on electric car technology issues (which BMW recently denied) and most likely working on efficient battery technologies to be used in i-Cars.

However, there is another stream of views which suspects that Apple is actively collaborating with car makers not because it wants to make cars, but because it wants to involve itself with the next generation integration of car technology and software. i-Pod integration has been a common feature in BMW cars that makes playing i-Pod in those cars an easy task. Car apps are also promoted by Apple where programs like “BMW Connected” and “BMW Link” can provide access to many applications like Facebook, web radio and navigation via mobile devices. It appears that, the future of car software, including engine monitoring, tire pressure, oil change notification and many other safety and maintenance features would be integrated into our (Apple) mobile phones. Apple just wants to know cars better so that the next generation software can make your car a connected one with all those tips on your mobile phone.

No matter what Apple is planning to do, even if it comes up with a connected i-Car, it might see a huge success among young consumers who may be willing to conserve the environment and diminish the difference between a phone and a car. The “Next Big” list of mobile devices should not only include mobile phones, Bluetooth and like, but also a car that can communicate online!


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3 Responses to Why Apple is Interested in Making Cars?

  1. rahat bin kashem says:

    It your pleasure to give us such a helpful thought about marketing

  2. rahat bin kashem says:

    Apple paly a role to take advantage of automated car running.And they also take a strong competition gain in global software based car market .

  3. Md Monir Hossain Melon says:

    It’s a very informative post.
    Thank u sir.

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