2 Responses to Will Facebook Die? Part II

  1. While talking about facebook’s death considering the down slope of its popularity against twitter, I would like to add a bit from where I see it. Isn’t the purpose of having a FB and Twitter account is totally different..?? On the twitter platform we follow people who are in most of the cases celebrities or prestigious figures whose POVs are meaningful to us where the general peoples’ posts or opinions do not really make any sense for others! On the other hand FB somehow tags a celebrity image towards the mass people. In other words everyone is a celebrity on the FB platform within his own circle! The room for sharing images, posts, status updates, likes and dislikes etc portray more individualism, and people create their own cyber world over the FB. For instance, it is said, like many other things, now-a-days the purpose of photography is to upload on FB which has eventually boomed the camera business everywhere, and this trend is sharply going up every day. At the end of the day who doesn’t want to be a celebrity, and be valued by the others listed as friends!!!! Therefore, will facebook really die..??

    • I don’t think fb will die but fb would be the cause for death of many company…. Just think that if fb able to established their search engine like google than it will harm google’s search engine business. If you follow the recent up gradation of fb search tool than you can clearly understand.

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