Six Strategies for Employer Branding: Part II

You may read Part I (click here) before reading this part of the write-up.

4. Employee Engagement

Making work interesting is a big challenge. Doing the same thing over and over again makes your employees bored. How can you instill creativity in everyday work? Most top performers would feel bored when the work challenge is gone. Therefore, we need to identify top performers (who would be external and silent spokesperson for the company) and engage them in creative, challenging and innovative projects. ‘Engagement’ does not mean to make employees busier than what he/she used to be before engagement, that would be a misnomer. Sometimes (perhaps wrongly), in the name of engagement, brand managers are assigned multiple brands to manage with different themes. This practice would not only strain their creativity, but would also make them struggle with different agenda running at different directions. ‘Engagement’ means to find the right area of interest (passion) of an employee and put him/her at work with enough freedom in his/her area of interest. If it means multiple brands, then there is no problem. If it means a specific class of product category, then be it.

5. Recognition and Micro-motivation

How much does it cost to frame a photograph of the customer service employee who successfully answered the highest number of calls in a month? It won’t cross even three digits. What is the outcome in terms of his/her motivation? Priceless.

Do you nurture a culture inside an organization to recognize and reward tiny daily/weekly achievements of employees? Big stories are not created in a day. It takes series of crafted efforts to make headlines. A series of small memories of happiness makes an individual’s life wonderful. From today, start recognizing small achievements and extend reward for micro-motivation. It could be a thank you note or a framed photograph declaring employees of the month. This will create stories inside and outside an organization that will project you as an attractive employer. After all, just like existing customers are more important than new customers, satisfying current employees is more important that recruiting new ones. Take care of existing employees, new ones will just be attracted as well.

6. “Visibility” Management

It must be evident by now that employer branding takes a huge effort through “not-so-visible” internal human resources management. However, there must be a window to expose these organizational strengths to the outside world to make stranger-talents yearn for a job at your place. This external visibility can be managed in many ways, however, three major tactics are described here:

Visibility through CSR Program: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs have been mandatory for many types of organization in many countries. However, the problem lies in how you can capitalize on your CSR program to project a positive image in the media. CSR programs, when compulsorily or voluntarily done, are going to take place anyway. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to publicize these activities that could have created positive images as potential employers. The problem becomes acute for B2B marketers since they usually have lower visibility among potential job candidates. B2B marketers may capitalize on CSR programs by promoting these activities through proper media.

Visibility through Event Sponsorship: These days, cutting through clutter requires directing attention to your message via the events that are catching your target audience’s attention. If cricket has been a craze, is your organization appearing as a sponsor and catching eyes of the audience? If College Debate audience is your audience as well, are you present in the college debate events? Getting a share in young minds could be a way to catch their attention later on when you publicize any job opening in the market.

“Social” Visibility through Engagement: Last time I advised a corporate manager to think of having their own facebook page, he frowned upon me saying that’s a teenager thing! Falling behind couple of years in this fast pacing world could be synonymous to falling behind ages right now. Are you visible in the social media? It is not enough to have a facebook page. The purpose of opening a page is not about telling people that we have a facebook page, rather the objective is to how we can create some sort of “engagement” with the target audience in the social media to convey our message.

It appears that, most of us might already be doing what it takes to make a strong employer brand. But tones can be converted into a song only when you properly arrange the order and sing it with a good voice. Are we ready enough to make a good concerted execution with good hands?


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