How to Take Creativity to a New Height?

The answer is, scoop out more problems rather than solving your current problem!

Innovative ideas are meant to solve problems in a way that none tried before. This is difficult, but once practiced, would solve your business problem more effectively than your competitors do. The problem is, we concentrate too much on creative outcomes and compare one with the other. How about looking at it in a completely different way? I mean, how about we innovatively think about scooping out more problems out of the current problem rather than the creative solution? Oh, we already have enough problems, we do not need more. This is where we are getting stuck that prevents creativity! The challenge is that we need to forget about creative solution, at least momentarily. Then, think about more problems out of the current one, and see whether solving a part of the problem can break the whole bulk into smaller and manageable pieces.

For example, if your brand has price attacks from competition, think of more problems that surround your brand rather than solving the pricing problem. What problems do your brand have in addition to the pricing issue? Brainstorming on other problems might reveal the real culprit! Oh, your brand image might not have been strengthened enough over the past years that yields your brand to become a prey to other competitors’ price attack. Now solve the image problem creatively, pricing issues will probably take care of itself. It seems that, rightly diagnosing a problem would lead your creative output to a new height that would be unreachable by your rivals.


About 1mmarketing

Working as Associate Professor, School of Business, United International University, Bangladesh; a North-American graduate, with doctoral studies from UUM, Malaysia; cherishing a wide-view of the world, with multiple interests in culture, people, traveling, and specifically marketing science. I have a colorful and diversified background with a blend of corporate experience, research, consulting, training, public speaking and teaching. I love to write about marketing issues that affect our lives, and talk about its direction that would promote the greatest human welfare.
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