Is Google following Blue Ocean Strategy?

Simply put, Blue Ocean Strategy refers to competing in an uncontested market space (in contrast to red ocean that is bloodied by fighting competitors). This gives the adopter an advantage in terms of profit and growth for a time period limited only by the resources and capabilities of its copying competitors, if any at all.

By observing Google closely, one will find its mastery over the formulation and implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy. Starting from its search engine to latest projects of driver-less cars and hiking trail mapping, it is putting it steps in paths that no one trod before. We all know its superb search engine that is hard to beat. We also know about its driver-less cars (click here). Most of you are probably aware of Google Maps. The latest one that would be hard to beat is the unfolding map of wilds and trails- for hiking, biking, running, 360 touring of historical places – what not?

They already have developed a set of 40lb equipment called “trekker” that would be backpacked by Google people to have 360-views of hiking and biking trails around the world. These shots would be transformed into a series of continuous pictures resulting in a virtual complete view for hikers, bikers and tourists to see online. There is no surprise that, starting its “Street View” feature in 2007 covering about five cities in USA only, it now stands at 3000+ cities in 43 countries as of 2012!

It seems like Google has mastered the Blue Ocean Strategy. We will be waiting to see the next surprise from Google. What do you think it would look like?


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One Response to Is Google following Blue Ocean Strategy?

  1. Hi,Thanks for the interesting views which I mostly agree with.
    In my opinion with digital ecosystems growing bigger and bigger definitely a company like Google is bringing in new dimensions (BOS) as the ones you have mentioned.
    However being all services belonging to the ecosystem interellated among each other Google also needs to compete in areas already explored / originated by its competitors (e.g. Social media with Google + and Tablets with Nexus).

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