Cupcake, Gingerbread and Ice cream Sandwich

Sorry, this is not a food blog! But there are non-food things that are branded with these names. These are the names of different versions of Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and tablets.

Different brands of smartphones use different types of operating systems. Apple has his own operating system, Nokia uses Windows smartphone version, and the rest others (Samsung, HTC, Casio, and generic ones) use Android. In terms of numbers only, Android is the fastest growing operating system with the highest level of global market share, followed by Apple. Windows phone is lagging way behind.

Google reported that they have reached a milestone of about 500 million Android devices being activated globally. With over 1 million devices being activated everyday that are using Android, this is the fastest growing phone operating system globally. According to another report, Apple has been able to hit about 100 million devices activated globally that are using its operating system. Apparently, this Google versus Apple ratio of 5:1 literally may mean the popularity of Android, however, when you consider the Apple system being used only by Apple, whereas Android being used by around 5 more leading competitors- the win/loss situation becomes unclear. The only thing we can see, is that Google’s Android, overall, has higher level of popularity.

Starting with Android 1, the operating system moved along its track of upgrading to its current 10th version (Android 4.1, nicknamed Jelly Bean) now being already in the market. Android has a funny way of nicknaming its versions. For example, version 1.5 was named Cupcake, version 1.6 as Donut, version 2.3 as Gingerbread etc. Android 4 and 4.1 are named as Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly beans, respectively. The advantage of Android 4 series is that, it can interchangeably be used both in smartphones and tablets, and has easy upgradable features.

Apart from its user friendliness and availability of vast array of Android apps developers, Android has been very keen in maintaining its “brand personality” to its target customers. With a sci-fi type green robot being its logo, the brand personality has been consistently and carefully projected through all visible experience-points for its users.

Now, can somebody guess how keeping a funny and high-calorie name (or, name of desserts!) combining with a sci-fi robot actually boosts the brand personality of Android?


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One Response to Cupcake, Gingerbread and Ice cream Sandwich

  1. hasan sarwar says:

    Yes tablets are going to take over fast!!

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