What would happen if Coke’s formula is leaked out? Part II

You might be interested to read part I before reading this part.

In the first place, Coca Cola has been branded for almost over a century! Its unique taste, color and shape of the bottle has given an iconic image in the minds of customers. That very special place in customers’ mind is hardly replaceable by other brands. It is not only taste, color or size & shape of the bottle, but the perception and image that have been built by Coke over years that count. Therefore, Coke knows very well that it is now unreachable in terms of perception. Hence, if the formula is ever leaked out or duplicated, two things may happen. First, Coke would definitely deny that the formula is leaked, and because of heavyweight perception in the minds of people, customers would believe that the formula is not leaked, despite the reality might say otherwise. Second, based on this consumer perception, any other brand that would have duplicated Coke, (which would not definitely be branded as Coke for legal reasons) would not taste the same in the tongue of customers. A Coke tastes like Coke because you are looking at the bottle that says Coke on it! On the other hand, duplication of Coke will actually boost the image of Coke. Why? Because, everybody would perceive the duplicator as a “copy brand”, thus the duplicator brand would actually be promoting Coke as the very “genuine” Coke.

Therefore, I believe, nobody with a brain would ever try to steal or duplicate Coke formula. It is not worth the end result.


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