Branding hurricane?

Should natural disasters be branded? It surely sounds off-taste. Well, at least naming a natural disaster is necessary for many reasons. The basic of branding still applies here: identification and distinction.

There are designated authorities in the world who assign in advance (in some cases, even for next 5-6 years) the names of future storms that would form in tropical and sub-tropical areas. For example, storms or hurricanes forming in North Atlantic Ocean are assigned names by National Hurricane Centre, Miami, through choosing a name from an alphabetically arranged official list of hurricane names maintained by World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Similar lists are contributed by various countries based on their oceanic region. Advantages of naming hurricanes are manifold. First, it reduces confusion through identification. Once named, communication becomes easier between the government and general public. Sometimes, multiple storms may form in the same oceanic region which would require distinct identification when warnings/alerts are issued. It happened in the past that alerts were issued for cyclones in wrong areas whereas the target area was missed due to confusion in identification. Second, naming a storm helps in internal communication among government agencies. They can coordinate their warning and rescue operations with specific reference to the storm concerned. Third, renaming a storm is required when it moves from one basin to another. It greatly helps in unique identification about the nature of the storm. For example, if a cyclone moves from Australian region to Indian Ocean, it has to be renamed for identification purpose.

It seems that, we will probably keep all natural disasters branded (at least named) before they actually take place. Isn’t it interesting to see that, this is perhaps the only thing that is branded even before they actually appear? We hope they appear as less as possible.


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2 Responses to Branding hurricane?

  1. Pial Khan says:

    Its a fantastic article. Thank you very,yes, identification and distinction we both need for branding purpose. its a miracle if we establish a brand like “hurricane” by the name of our oceanic region for sure it will become one of the famous brands! I agree with you that natural disasters could be branded (at least named). Differentiation also need to be clarified. This is what my point of view.
    Thank you.

  2. Tanzila says:

    A very new product/service may also be branded like this i think! For example, a product that is supposed to be launched within some time, can be branded with a unique, different and interesting name that can create curiosity and interest among people about the brand even before it appears in the market.

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