About Google’s secret project!

Well, it is not a secret anymore. Google has been testing a synchronized system of automated car driving, installation of which will eliminate human drivers in cars in near future. Sounds crazy, but this possibility has been successfully being tested for about a year in streets and highways in California, USA.

It has been possible with a combination of Google maps, radar, cameras, sensors and a software system that will do what a careful human driver exactly does. It will drive and park your car exactly at the location that you program in your system. Even though the testing is still going on with great success, legal and safety issues at national level must be satisfied through rigorous compliance. Experts opined that, it would take about eight more years for such a system to be commercially and legally available.

The upside of this system is clearly visible. It is expected to reduce fatal accidents due to human errors, drunk driving, reckless speeding, driving on wrong sides and much more. Oh, it will save a few wrong turns if you don’t know the streets well, thereby save you on time and money.

What about the downside? You tell me about it.


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3 Responses to About Google’s secret project!

  1. Abdullah Al Mahmud says:

    When the upside facilities are so much strong i think the consumers will comply with the downside problems. But there must be a option of manual driving because some time a machine can not understand a human psychology. Suppose, I need to go somewhere quickly but the car is going in a slow speed as it is set. At that moment I’ve to go fast. Another problem it will create, it is employment. The people who do the job of driver they will be unemployed.

  2. Tanzila says:

    Yes, the upside of this system is appealing..but it should be ensured to the maximum extent that it will work effectively, accurately and without causing any harm.Since it’s going to carry ‘human lives’, so, to gain acceptance from the people it must make sure about the complete safety. Thus, this is obvious that this system may have to do a lot to make people dependent on it. We, the human beings tend to rely more on ‘man behind machine’ I guess.

  3. Md. Mukhhlesur Rahman says:

    Virus can attack and the system may fail. Need anti virus, car accident due to virus attack- the news headline.

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