The Reverse Order?

There was a time when philosophers played a significant role in the advancement of science. Dependence on philosophy was inevitable due to lack of advanced scientific instruments/methods to prove/disprove scientific hypothesis. The size and orbit of planets, the structure of atom, functions of chemicals and medicines, and numerous other scientific advancements could be traced back to philosophy. It seems that the limitation of investing in scientific discovery was overcome by radical use of human brain in thinking “out-of-way” in order to tread the new way of explaining “scientific” phenomena. What can be concluded, is that the scientific advancement was greatly influenced by how we thought during that time.

By the time we are having rapid advancement in science and technology, so rapid that almost everyday many of us are falling behind updating ourselves with the latest development in technology, we almost have entered an era marked by fast pace of technology taking over the speed of our own thinking. Probably we cannot think faster than the speed of change in technology these days.

The result? It seems that the age-old order is reversing. When technology changes faster than the speed of our thinking, then technology is influencing the way we think, and not the other way around. As we postulated in the first paragraph, scientific advancement was greatly influenced by how we thought, now it should be read: how we think would be greatly influenced by how technology might be changing. Instead of philosophy affecting science, new philosophies will be created by the rapidly changing technology.

Do you think this is happening?


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