When should you quit your job?

Well, the answer would not be universal, would not be directly applicable to everybody and every situation alike. However, there are few tips on when individuals should think of quitting, particularly when they are at the entry/mid level in their career:

1. The day you think you have started teaching your boss (unless you are hired for this purpose!)
2. The day you think you are stuck both in terms of position and learning.
3. The day you think you have no scope for further self development.
4. The day you think organizational rewards are not based on your merit and performance.
5. The day you think the brand that you are working for has a lousy image out there, and your superiors don’t seem to be concerned about it.
6. When you think that people who are working around you (including your boss) prefer to talk out loud/shout (this is because you will gradually inherit this “feature” even before you know this!)
7. When you think you have lost interest in the industry you are working for (less interest leads to less attention, less attention leads to less commitment, less commitment leads to poor performance, poor performance leads to poor rewards, poor rewards lead to frustration, frustration leads to ……..….. so quit before it’s too late).
8. When you think that you would be better off by being an entrepreneur.
9. When you think that your social life is extremely affected by your career (unless you “live for your career”, that may comfortably happen for many people. I think it is better to “have a career to live”, provided you are committed to do whatever it requires to do well in your job).
10. Probably you are expecting that in the last point, I would talk about quitting for money. That happens quite reasonably, but I would like to give a new perspective to it. I would rather think that one should develop oneself to such an extent that one does not have to look for better paying jobs anymore, rather better paying jobs will find one out. If you keep chasing money, it would be difficult to catch it. If you stop chasing and concentrate on your self development, it will rather find you out. However, it does not mean that you don’t look for better paying jobs. It means money may not be the sole criterion for quitting a job.

Could you add one more point to this list?


About 1mmarketing

Working as Associate Professor, School of Business, United International University, Bangladesh; a North-American graduate, with doctoral studies from UUM, Malaysia; cherishing a wide-view of the world, with multiple interests in culture, people, traveling, and specifically marketing science. I have a colorful and diversified background with a blend of corporate experience, research, consulting, training, public speaking and teaching. I love to write about marketing issues that affect our lives, and talk about its direction that would promote the greatest human welfare.
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2 Responses to When should you quit your job?

  1. Syed Abdullah Morshed says:

    11. Obviously, when you can’t tolerate “The boss is always right” anymore!

  2. Mojumder says:

    Another insightful post. However, point # 5 may not be always true. It actually depends, becuase, like inheriting shouting, lousiness can also be inherited and can work fine 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your next post.

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