What is a Brand?

This question has intrigued many thinkers until today. Here, I tried to give you a witty definition. Read the following:

Who is a marketer? Somebody who keeps talking and feels that everybody would listen.
What is a product? A product is something that keeps talking and nobody listens.
Who is a brand builder? Somebody who keeps talking while others naturally feel that it is worth to listen.
What is a brand? A brand is something to which people are eager to listen even when it is not talking.

Now think whether you are marketing a product or building a brand.


About 1mmarketing

Working as Associate Professor, School of Business, United International University, Bangladesh; a North-American graduate, with doctoral studies from UUM, Malaysia; cherishing a wide-view of the world, with multiple interests in culture, people, traveling, and specifically marketing science. I have a colorful and diversified background with a blend of corporate experience, research, consulting, training, public speaking and teaching. I love to write about marketing issues that affect our lives, and talk about its direction that would promote the greatest human welfare.
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2 Responses to What is a Brand?

  1. aaron nabi says:

    catchy explanation…. others will naturally feel that it is worth to listen. 🙂

  2. Tanzila Habib says:

    Yes. A product may be anything, even it might be worthless. But a brand is something that really matters to everybody and is perfectly valued.

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